The first light difference

Creatively crafted and well researched itineraries

Join us on a bucket list trip to the Himalayas with an added dose of adventure or a quieter way of travellng it.Each of our itineraries are created to offer a newer way of experiencing a well travelled place.

A comprehensively local experience

We make sure that the people and the partners that are at the heart of each experience ie our local guides, operations staff as well as our logistics partners are valued in an honest way socially and economically. You don’t experience the the Himalays in its most authentic an genuine form on our trips.

Small group travel and personalised support through the process

We do everything that we do with a big heart. We are available all the way from when you start considering a trip to when you have lived the entire experience. You'll be prepared and supported in a way that we are quite certain makes First light more like an trip with friends.

About Us

First Light Adventure is a ’a himalayan experiences’ company that runs a limited number of small group treks and multi adventure trips on select trails in the greater and trans Himalayas . We run a limited number of these experieces every year and provide a slighly unique way to experience them. But its not just that, we do all of it with a big heart. Everyone who co-travels with us, our patrons, our guides & porters, friends & family goes away better off. This means providing an honest effort to fullfill what we’ve promised our co-travellers and the authentic well being of our partner guides and staff. We place the human experience above everything else. Our trips uplift everyone who join us on our adventures.