Travel Style

Small group travel not exceeding 12 people, itineraries that carry a lesser beaten way of seeing a region, led by exceptionally experienced local travel experts. Our trips are active adventures that combine cultural immersion and are designed to ensure the peoplefod all ages and abilities can experience the Himlayas on their terms.

Small Group Travel

Our groups, although comprising of people with similar interests, are really about diversity that enriches the experience and forges relationships. It also helps us to personalise travel.


Fitness is an important aspect of our trips, with each itinerary specifically described for ease of selecting the adventure that best suits you. Detailed information, including suggested pre-trip training, can be found in the trip detais. We highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the physical requirements of your trip and speak to us to better understand each exerience.


We are pro-active in managing safety on our adventures and our extremely small group sizes with a high guide ratio sets the standard for that.  We also follow specific protocols, safety analysis and risk assessment and brief each co-traveller on a daily basis.

Travel Impact

Adventure travel is built on establishing a strong relationship with the people and environments in which we operate. We minimise the impact of our presence and help to protect the regions we visit while contributing positively to the local community in economic and social terms.