Our Story

How we got here 

An adventure experience that left a couple of days to be filled up, an ad-hoc itinerary promptly researched and planned for a few co-travelers in the passing and some pretty overwhelming acknowledgement of a job well done. That was pretty much the genesis our work. This was followed by spending considerable time in the Himalayas and going through some experiences that would significantly shape how we go about working in thee Himalayas.


What we’re trying to do here

Himalayan Travel experiences, that take everyone along. ie Think of everyone and everything that makes travelling to the Himalayas possible and worth the while and add sincere respect to every exchange. This translates to providing our local teams with enough social and economic value to truly honour their effort;  to offer our customers an authentic and unique experience at a price that is  fair and worth their time investment  and to be conscious about our footprint by literally minimising our footprint.

How we’re doing it

We travel in small groups. With limited departures, no more than 2 trips on a specific trail in a season. We research newer itineraries and try and rotate our trips every year. We try travel outside of peak season with a trash in and trash out policy. Our guides and porters are paid on a Living Wage basis and are further incentivised through a mandatory system of gratuities. We reduce their load to what a mountaineer can carry. For our customers we fulfill every commitment we make about a trip, and price it like it we are paying for it. We personally respond to every email about any question starting from the ideal shoe to the weather forecast. We truly believe we’re running a travel business that reflects in its operations and capacity the needs of the hour for the planet and humanity.